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Have you been
overwhelmed? stuck? uninspired? exhausted?

overwhelmed? stuck? uninspired? exhausted?

It's time to rediscover your spark

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Time to Bloom into Yourself

I live my life
to the fullest.

even during the most trying times.

I have learned how to keep my mindset ignited,
and now I am here to do the same for you.

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You don’t have to wait for exactly the right moment to transform your life. Your moment is now!

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Honor your whole self by creating the healthy boundaries that will help you live the life you’re waiting for.


By learning how to break through your blocks, face your fears, and set clear and loving boundaries, you’ll end up finding your happiness.

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What’s Not Being Said Podcast

What’s Not Being Said is a podcast by Lisa Marie Runfola. As a certified coach, author, and self-described Life Ignitor, Lisa Marie will help you “Flip The Switch and Turn Your Life Back On” during this illuminating conversation series. Join her as she speaks with authors, healers, coaches, and brave souls as they explore ways to help people feel more alive in every area of their lives.

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Work with Me

Work with Me

Whether you need help setting up boundaries in your life or escaping the rut you’ve found yourself in, one-on-one coaching can provide a lot of insight.

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Books & Speaking

Books & Speaking

Hear more about my experiences, my point of view on breaking through life’s walls, and more in my books and past speaking engagements.

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